Ami Lewis

I’m a multidisciplinary creative director, designer, leader & most importantly human. I thrive at the intersection of art & technology.


Beats By Dre/
Straight Outta Somewhere

Social Media Campaign

Large Big Sean Portrait with Straight Outta Brooklyn insignia billboard on the side of a Los Angeles building.

Like Only Google Can

Google Home Mini Launch Campaign

A pink sprinkles coated donut with a bite taken out of it on white background.

If It's Happening

Brand Campaign

An Asian female DJ mixing music surrounded by a party.

Your Plan, Your Planet

Interactive Tool

An isometric illustration of a residential home’s water related features. A shower with a big glass and rubber duck, a toilet, a sink and a dishwasher arranged on a square grid with pipes connecting them.

Joya Driver Companion

Voice Activated Smart Manual

Four phones featuring different screens from the Joya Driver Companion app experience.

For Duos Who are

Google Duo App Launch Campaign

Blake Griffin holding a ketchup bottle and DeAndre Jordan holding a ketchup bottle sitting in a diner as they are screaming at the bottles. The bottles have animated arms flailing equally scared.

Beats By Dre/
Solo Selfie

Beats Solo Headphone Campaign

Keenan Thompson wearing a regal fur jacket sitting in a big chair on a top level of a high rise. He is holding taking a selfie video with his phone and wearing Beats Solo headphones.

Beats By Dre/
Hear What You Want

Beats Studio Headphone Campaign

Colin Kaepernick arriving at a football game wearing his Beats headphones as he gets in the zone and tunes out the crowd around him.

Monte Carlo/
We're All VIPs

Brand Campaign

A young man holding a miniature craft sailboat standing in a room inside Monte Carlo Hotel. Las Vegas night lights visible behind him through the window.

Ca Lottery/
Lucky For Life

Lucky For Life Scratchers Launch Campaign

Tommy, the dummy sitting under hair salon dryers with his hair in curlers sipping on a cappuccino.

Design Work

Selected Design Projects

A circular box filled with cards. The cards are also spread out around the box. The lid reads: Google Home. Mini Cards. A million possibilities. Just ask.


Selected Illustrations & Artworks

A digital drawing in green colors of a woman’s head.
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