Ami Lewis

Beats By Dre
Hear What You Want

Beats Studio Headphone Campaign

When focus is everything athletes use music to tune out haters and eliminate distractions. This campaign tells the stories of Kevin Garnett, Colin Kaepernick and Richard Sherman as they use their Beats Wireless Studio headphones to get in the zone.

Kevin Garnett - Hear What You Want
Colin Kaepernick - Hear What You Want
Richard Sherman - Hear What You Want

Website & Social Media

To get people to view the short (long form ads) films we created banners, site takeovers and skins placed strategically on sites with sport related content. A shorter TV spot debuted during key games for each athlete. On all Beats' social channels we teased and invited people to watch the game and be involved in the conversation.

Beats By Dre website landing page hero image on the left side is Colin Kaepernick with a button to watch the film about him, on the right side is Kevin Garnett with a button to watch the film about him. The center reads: Hear What You Want.Beats By Dre website product specific hero image. It shows the latest wired and wireless Beats Studios.A selection of instagram post images that Beats By Dre posted during game days. The posts feature hateful fans with large headlines that read: ‘Lick my B*lls” “Kiss my A**” ‘Choke artist’ “sophomore slump’ ‘eat me’ ‘screw you’ ‘you suck’.
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