Ami Lewis

If It's Happening

eBay is a vibrant marketplace where you can find most anything. So we decided to boldly claim that whatever is going on in the world it’s happening on eBay. From the hottest trends in fashion to the latest tech, the items that are making a come back to the ones that are being created.

If It’s Happening Right Now - Anthem Film
GameDay -  Film
Venom -  Film
Fashion -  Film

If It’s Happening This Season

2018 holiday season’s hottest gifts are all on eBay - from tech to toys to fashion. If it’s happening on every wishlist, it’s happening on eBay.We created 7 films, a nationwide OOH and social carousels to drive people to shop on eBay this holiday season.

This Season - Film

Spider-Verse - Film

Faux Fur - Film

Nationwide OOH

We created a nationwide OOH campaign across most all major cities and a full Bart Station takeover in SF.

A large blue billboard with a clutch, a gold dress and a black high heel shoe. The headline reads: 11:59:59. It’s happening on eBay.A large green billboard with a big rimmed hat, a puffer vest and a camper van. The headline reads: Marin. It’s happening on eBay.A large red billboard with a stack of pillows, a shiny teapot and a cozy loafer. The headline reads: Below Freezing. It’s happening on eBay.
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