Ami Lewis

Selected Illustration & Artworks

These are a small selection of my personal work. I use Procreate, sometimes traditional techniques like watercolor or ink. I still dream about having an art studio where I can paint and draw freely.

A grid of various Procreate portrait illustrations featuring different female faces.A side by side full body illustration of 2 teenagers. On the left, the girl is sitting cross legged on a bed with a laptop. On the right the girl lays on her stomach with a phone in one hand, the other shows a peace sign and she has her tongue out. The illustration has a brown and pink color palette.A side by side portrait illustration of 2 girls. On the left in the background she is looking up, on the right in the foreground she looks straight into camera. It has an orange, black and light blue color palette.A geometric illustration based on a chevron pattern. Dark grays in the background and neon yellow highlights certain sections of the chevron pattern.A grid of variations of geometric illustrations based on a chevron pattern. Dark grays in the background and light beige highlights certain sections of the chevron pattern.An abstract set of 2 large boards with large brushstrokes.A set of 6 different ink blob abstract paintings that. The blobs look like leaves or plants and inspired by Japanese ink art.Two small wood boards with watercolor painting of geometric structures.A red heart is created by a Japanese traditional patterns. The heart is cut apart so the letter EB14 is also visible.
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