Ami Lewis

Monte Carlo Resort & Casino
We’re All VIPs

Brand Campaign

Traditionally defined as a very important person, Monte Carlo Resort and Casino has turned the exclusionary definition of VIP on its head. No matter who you are or what you’re into, you are a VIP – your own version of a VIP.

VIP - Volleyballer Impromptu Poledancing
VIP - Voodoo Inspired Partiers
VIP - Volleyballer Impromptu Poledancing
VIP - Vertically Inventive Pubgoers
VIP - Vibrating Invigorated Patron (Blue Men Group)

Posters & Social Media Films

We had so much fun exploring the idea of VIPs that after our photoshoot we continued ‘in character’ with interview sessions completely improvised and masterfully directed by Dave Laden.

A grid of various VIP posters each with a unique person and their VIP acronym.
A policeman with a gun drawn, Vastly Incompetent Policeman. A young woman in pink onesies sneering, Vampire in Pajamas. A man hiding behind a potted foliage, Voyeur Inside Plant. A young man holding a model ship, Virgin Into Pastime. A sexy woman in striped minidress and high heels, Vixen Imitating Pantomime.
The Virgin
The Policeman
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