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Straight Outta Somewhere

Social Media Campaign

As the movie about the infamous rap group N.W.A. set to release, we used the cultural momentum to fuel a campaign of our own. For Beats’ founder Dr. Dre, naming the record “Straight Outta Compton” was a statement of pride for his hometown. But you don’t have to be from Compton to rep your city.

Straight Outta Somewhere - Case Study Film


We worked with famed photographer Jonathan Mannion to create a crisp, powerful style for the work. We’ve added our Straight Outta insignia customized for each talent to represent their hometowns. These flooded insta, facebook and twitter inviting others to join in.

Bringing together 100+ talent

A black and white photo of O’Shea J. With the insignia ‘Straight Outta Great One Eight’.
A grid of images of various talent with their own Straight Outta insignia representing their home towns.A black and white photo of Tiffany Gouche. With the insignia ‘Straight Outta Inglewood’.A grid of iPhones with different Straight outta portraits with their insignias.

Social Media Meme Generator

We created an insignia generator where users could upload their own images and customize the name of their hometowns. Within hours of launch Straight Outta Somewhere was trending on Instagram, and it became the first ever brand created content that simultaneously trended on all 3 social media channels.

Three phones showcasing the meme generator UI where users can create their own social media posts. The first phone shows a blank Straight Outta insignia. The second phone shoes the first 2 letters being typed in. The third phone shows the word now filled in ‘Brooklyn’ and a photo of the user’s choice added.A gif plays out the insignia mark being filled with the word ‘Brooklyn’A grid of user generated social media post images with their chosen image and Straight Outta location filled out. Various press clippings of the campaign and social media buzz around the campaign.

New York Times Square Takeover

A gif plays out a short sequence of the various celebrity Straight Outta photography with insignias on the large Times Square Building wrap display.


As Jonathan Mannion photographed our army of talent, a small crew recorded unscripted interviews with them about their hometowns. We used these interviews to create city-specific online films.

Straight Outta Somewhere Launch Film
Jonathan Mannion - Straight Outta Cleveland
Straight Outta Atlanta
Straight Outta Compton
Straight Outta Dre & Ice Cube
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